Clearance Stock #2

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Salam semua..
Mully muncul lagi dengan jualan clearance stock untuk kali ke 2..
Yes! The lowest price for the new item..
Koleksi memang cantik-cantik belaka..

Normal Price: RM13
Clearance Stock Price : RM8 (Not Including Postage)

First Come First Served!!

MLR198- 1 Available!!
MLR202- 2 Available!!
MLR203- 2 Available!!
MLR204- 1 Available!!
MLR206- 2 Available!!
MLR208- 2 Available!!
MLR214- 1 Available!!

Mari!! Jom pilih perfume!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Perfume Al-RizQ

Jom pilih pefume dengan Al-RizQ.
Trust me, baunya memang menawan.
Boleh request buat hadiah untuk kawan2, saudara-mara, boyfriend, girlfriend.
Wangian akan diposkan hingga depan rumah by Poslaju.

Harga sekotak (2 Botol)

W/M - RM20
E/M - RM23

Now only!!
******Ar Rizq******
W/M - RM16
E/M - RM18

(exclude postage)

Harga sebotol

W/M - RM10
E/M - RM11
(exclude postage)

Pilihan :

A: Amor-Amor By Cacharel
B: Apple Blossom By Body Shop
C: Escape By Calvin Klien
D: Forever & Ever By Christin Dior
G: Miracle By Lancome
H: Live By J.LO
I: Miyake By Issey Miyake
J: Be Delicious By DKNY

A: Polo Sport By Ralph Laurent
B: Energize By Hugo Boss
C: Desire Red By Alfred Dunhill
D: Silver Shadow By Davidoff

Clearance Stock #1 (updated on 9/5/2010)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello to all customers. We are glad to inform you that we are having clearance stock.
The lowest price for the brand new item.

Normal Price: RM13
Clearance Stock Price : RM7 (Not Including Postage)

First Come First Served!!

MLR014- Sold Out (Izan)
MLR018- Sold Out (Izan)
MLR036- Sold Out (Kak Huda)
MLR038- Sold Out (Kak Huda)
MLR058- Sold Out (Kak Ira)
MLR094- Sold Out (Izan)
MLR095- Sold Out (Zana)
MLR100- Sold Out (Izan)
MLR101- (Sold Out) to Izan, Zana, Give Away, Shima
MLR102- Sold Out (Izan), Awatif
MLR104- Sold Out (Izan)
MLR106- (Sold Out) izan, Hanim, zana, Apai,
MLR142- Sold Out (Zana)
MLR143- Sold Out (Izan)
MLR148- Sold Out (Zana)
MLR154- Sold Out (Izan), Hanim
MLR155- (Sold Out)Zana, Give away